Instead of relying on rigid logic, I use perception and senses to guide my painting process.

Incorporating a vibrant palette, earthy textures and repeated forms, the paintings are inspired by my understanding of beauty and a response to my environment.

Abstract paintings are explorations of color, texture and imagination. With an ongoing interest in history, indigenous culture and language, and architecture, I see abstract painting as an open visual language where one can let go of learned structures and bring experience to seeing and making.

I have recently begun exploring a new concept in a series of work titled ‘Kuchi’ – based on the Japanese 'Chinese ' character for ‘mouth’. I invite you to view the gallery and if interested, these paintings are for sale. I also undertake commissions.

Also on display are past works of in my portraits and elemental galleries.

Contact info@akibennier.com


Kuch 5.2

Oil on canvas

See Kuchi Gallery for more details.